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Incursion 2 Game has not yet been hacked, but there's no harm in reading about the game's features below. If this doesn't have your boat floated, why not play one of our other Games further down the page?:

Incursion 2: The Artefact – A game with its very own style of fantasy-based tower defense

Immaturity Aside

With a name like booblyc, the developers of the Incursion series will find it hard not to attract the more immature of audiences to their particular brand of tower defense. I’ll admit I was almost immediately sold after chuckling for far more seconds than a man of 24 ever should over a umm, titillating title such as that. Those with more mature tastes in humour, or indeed those over the age of 16 will need more to convince them, though, and thankfully, Incursion 2 has all of the substance and potential to do so. If you’ve ever played Kingdom Rush and enjoyed it, then Incursion 2 will be a swim in the warm, clear waters of complete familiarity with its defending of kingdoms, ordering around of magical and mortal troops, and the addictive upgrading of your towers, though don’t immediately assume that it is a cheap copy of the aforementioned title of legendary status; Incursion 2 is in itself a brilliant tower defense title with some vital differences, and I dare say advantages, over its flashy Kingdom Rush peer.

Freshly Familiar

These warm waters of familiarity that I mentioned above aren’t simply an excuse for a good metaphor; Incursion 2’s format will be supremely familiar to anyone that knows even a little about the tower defense genre. The aim is to direct a series of tiny little warriors of various type around a path of predetermined shape along which waves of invaders will try and make their way; allowing them to reach the other side of the screen means very bad news for you and your kingdom-like stronghold since this is a failure to adequately defend your land, and indeed your honour. The trick is to strategically position your soldiers, magic-wielding sorcerers and archers at certain points along the path in order to create the best chance of ending the lives of each and every enemy in sight.

Something a little bit Different

In a slight deviation from the usual tower defense format, barracks are ready-stationed at certain points on the road and can be used to train either sorcerers, soldiers, or archers, a combination of which can be deployed at any one time at any one of the barracks buildings. The beauty of Incursion 2 is that you are able to control your troops directly and on an individual basis, sending them to different parts of the screen (within the radius of the barracks) where they are needed the most. You also have a hero that isn’t restricted to the barracks and can be freely directed wherever you want him to go; this fellow can make use of magic and is more powerful than you standard troops.

Training troops costs money, but you can’t put a price on the safety of your kingdom; your troops can also be upgraded as the game goes along in order to make them stronger and more apt at defending against the increasingly difficult enemies from the basic ‘traitors’ to the well-armoured ‘dark militia’, as well as some boss-like foes that are designed to make you pull small quantities of hair out in sheer frustration. Your hero can also be upgraded with more powerful spells such as the ability to raise the dead, heal your troops, and even direct various forms of explosive force in their direction.

Final Thought

Though many of the features of Incursion 2 are lightly borrowed from Kingdom Rush, you simply have to applaud the distinctive style of the game, which is far removed from its cartoonish counterpart. Incursion 2’s tower defense action is on a far more detailed level, with direct control over the troops and a higher level of control over the hero. Upgrading your troops and investing your efforts into your hero/es can be very rewarding, and there are a fair few levels to play through to test out your new skills and spells. Credit must be given to a game whose features can feel so familiar to fans of the genre, while simultaneously being a break from the norm when considering the game as a whole. The graphics are distinctive, the gameplay is addictive, and perhaps most importantly, it has the fast-forward button that Kingdom Rush is simply crying out for.


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Incursion 2 Hacked Game | PTD Hacked Games

Incursion 2 Game has not yet been hacked, but there's no harm in reading about the game's features below. If this doesn't have your boat floated, why not play





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