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Kingdom Rush Frontiers has not yet been hacked, but it's only a matter of time until it has. Why not read a little more about it below, or try out some of our otherGames underneath:

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers – Heroes, Towers, and the Waiting Game

The Longest Season

You’d be a fool to underestimate the sheer, unbearable pain involved in waiting for the sequel to your favourite game to come out. It isn’t physical pain, of course, since this could be ridiculous and we must remember that we are dealing with fictional representations of imaginary scenarios brought to us via the medium of consoles and computers for the purpose of our entertainment here. It isn’t war, it isn’t hunger, and it most certainly isn’t famine; it most definitely is a first-world problem that only people with too much time and money with too little patience and gratitude will ever experience.

 For Kingdom Rush fans, however, the overwhelming anticipation for the apparently imminent Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is growing so massive it is in danger of crushing everyone in its wake, and fans are making damn sure that they aren’t going to wait quietly. The internet is simply littered with pathetic, petulant comments and digs at developer Ironhide for not having already released the game. To those I say get a grip: Spring may be the longest season of your life, but it’s a tower defense game, so make sure your priorities are in order. Chill out, read a little bit about the towers and heroes you’re probably going to spend the rest of your life obsessing over, and when it’s all over and the Frontiers dust has settled, perhaps think about learning how to use the Caps Lock and Shift buttons when making all-caps comments of outrage whilst hiding behind a piss-poor username on various internet forums (it’s just a game).

Absolute Tower

By now we all know Ironhide chose to stick with the four main tower types of barracks, range towers, artillery, and mage towers. This information isn’t anything new, and nor will most of the following be for avid fans that have already scoured the dark corners of the internet looking for information. The new tower upgrades look ridiculously cool, though, so why not list them for the benefit of those that haven’t yet allowed Kingdom Rush: Frontiers to take over every facet of their existence? How I envoy those people.

Ranged Tower Upgrades: Crossbow Fort and Windwalker’s Totem

Fancy upgrading your archers towers to their maximum level? The crossbow fort is one option, with skills such as high rate of fire with a constant barrage of bolts, and a range-increasing falcon that scouts out the area. Crossbows not your thing? How about axes? The Windwalker’s totem throws tiny hatchets to stun passing enemies, and can even have magical skills that prevent passing enemy mages from using theirs.

Barracks Tower Upgrades: Assassin’s Guild and Knights Templar

Which direction of upgrade you take depends on your personal preference: armour or agility? Brute force or calculated strike? It’s assassin versus knight in this case, with the former having skills that make them invisible until they attack, allow them to steal gold from the enemy and perform evasive moves, and the latter possessing well-armoured foot-soldiers that can increase their max health, revive themselves on the event of their death, and use a health-draining attack that damages the enemy for a short time after the initial assault.

Artillery Tower Upgrades: Battle-Mecha T-200 and DWAARP

Sometimes you just can’t beat a weapon that goes ‘boom’. The T-200 is a deployable unit that can shoot explosive artillery and long-range missiles as well as spreading oil to slow down the enemy. The DWAARP is essentially a massive drill that can do things like create localised earthquakes and create fire for scorching the enemy; it also has a one-hit kill attack skill upgrade.

Magic Tower Upgrades: Necromancer and Archmage

Supernatural force is sometimes the only thing that will do in Kingdom Rush, so why not upgrade to a Necromancer tower that can make deceased enemies defect to your team through resurrection, create a troubling pestilence that damages the opposing team, or even summon a death rider to bring the pain of the undead to the opposite side. The Archmage tower looks to be a sort of magic battery that stores up supernatural force for releasing in three bursts; you can also summon a tornado, and make enemies explode violently on the event of their death.

Heroes (Not the ‘Save the Cheerleader Kind)

Video previews of the new heroes have been drip-fed to us in recent weeks, which reveal... well not that much, to be quite honest, just a few shots here and there of their attacks being used sparingly and a few shots of the decidedly beautiful skills upgrade screen. Cronan the Beastmaster can summon a stampede of rhinos and also wander around using his ‘deep lashes’ to attack the enemy directly. Mirage the sneaky-looking assassin will swish about in an undetected fashion until ready to attack, after which she will materialise and use a few deadly attacks. Alric the Warrior looks to be reasonably deadly as well with a flurry manoeuvre and passive advantages like improved armour.

Nothing New

None of this information is new, unread, or ‘fresh of the press’ in any way. It is only a brief look on the future of Kingdom Rush, and is intended mainly for those who haven’t already spent the last few months sleeping in front of the computer, frequently and violently clicking the refresh button on Ironhide’s website in anticipation of the next update. Why not have a go at some Pokémon Tower Defense 2 to pass the time? Better yet, go outside and get some sun: the game will be released soon enough and the pastiness of flash gamers will once again be at an all-time high. 

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers Hacked Game | PTD Hacked Games

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers – Heroes, Towers, and the Waiting GameThe Longest SeasonAbsolute TowerRanged Tower Upgrades: Crossbow Fort and Windwalker’s TotemBa





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