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Pokémon Tower Defense 2 – 1 vs 1 Walkthrough and Tips

So You’ve Decided to Battle...

Welcome to the big, shiny, and often overwhelming world of Pokémon Tower Defense, and in particular the sequel, Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Generations. Some of you may be new here, but most will likely be familiar with the game to varying degrees and simply  want a little bit of guidance or a fresh opinion on how to go about making some progress in different parts of the game. Seeing as they don’t hand out ‘So you’ve decided to take on 1 vs. 1 mode of Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Generations’ leaflets in any world that isn’t fictional, I’ve assembled a few hints and tips and put them in one place for ease of reading, even assembling them into what may be referred to by some as a ‘guide’. I think walkthrough may be too strong of a word to use here; these are merely some hints and tips that have been arranged into some semblance of order in order to give you a rough idea of how I managed to beat 1 vs. 1 mode, and a few different strategies to get to the top.

How I Beat 1 vs 1

I won’t beat about the proverbial bush: your success may very well depend on which Pokémon you choose at the beginning of the game. You have a choice between Weedle and Caterpie, which obviously aren’t the best at this stage, or any stage for that matter, but if like me you are one for playing the long game, then choose Caterpie as your first Pokémon to purchase. Even though Caterpie is weak at first, once you later level him up using rare candies, he will be extremely handy against the rock Pokémon you are going to face. Now, on a level-by-level basis, here is how I got through the ordeal.

Level 1: Professor Oak

No strategy required here. Simply deploy Caterpie and let it use its primary attack to walk all over the Professor’s Pokémon. Use the coins from the battle to purchase the newly-available Rattata and a Rare Candy.

Level 2: Bug Catcher Guy

 A little tougher than before, but he is still fairly easy. Deploy Caterpie and use the first Rare Candy on him. He should have no problem taking care of the Weedle and Metapod. When he deploys Beedrill, Caterpie will likely faint so use Rattata (or whichever Pokémon you may have up your sleeve at this stage) to finish him off with Quick Attack. Following the battle, purchase a Spearow (and a Pidgey if your funds allow), as well as some potions just be on the safe side. The Rare Candy No. 2 is also an essential purchase here.

Level 3: Ash Ketchum

At this stage, your team should consist of a Caterpie and two Rattatas as a working minimum; you’ll probably need all of your Pokémon here. Use Rare Candy 2 on your Caterpie; he should evolve into Metapod whose harden ability should come in handy. Cycle through his moves, using harden until it reaches 6x, then focus on attacking. When he sends out Fearow, use Rattata against him, alternating between tail whip and quick attack. If he bites the dust, use Pidgey (sand attack reduces opponent’s accuracy).

Once he deploys Pikachu, I found surprisingly that my Pidgey rendered him ineffective with Sand Attack. If this doesn’t work for you, just blast him with whatever you have and he should go down with relative ease.

After the battle, purchase another Rare Candy (3), and also at least one Pikachu. Your team at this stage should be roughly: Rattata x 2, Pikachu, Metapod, possibly a spearow/pidgey.

Level 4: Strange Girl

Use the Rare Candy on Metapod. Use any Pokémon against her level 6 Rattata (I used Metapod, but a flying Pokémon will just as easily prosper here.

Use Pikachu against her Pidgey once the Rattata faints. Alternate thundershock and tailswhip. He should bite the dust easily.

Pikachu is her next Pokémon. I used one of my three Rattatas here , alternating tail whip and quick attack. Use your backup Rattatas if you have any, if not, any other Pokémon will do (not flying though, due to Pikachu’s electric type).

She will bring out a Spearow next against which Pikachu or Rattata will do just fine. Horoscopos y tarot para el amor y para los signos del zodiaco Horoscopos y tarot de amor

Her final two Nidorans can be taken down by cycling through your remain Pokémon.

Level 5: Luigi

Before the battle, purchase another Rare Candy (your fourth) two Digletts, and some potions.  You will be facing a Diglett and a Sandshrw. Luigi’s Diglett can use ‘Arena Trap’, which traps your deployed Pokémon in place until it faints. Oh dear. At this stage I had Metapod, Rattata x 2, Diglett x 2 and Pidgey.

He starts with Diglett which you can either use Metapod or Rattata against; in either case, alternate between their attacks, particularly ‘Harden’ if using Metapod.

Sandshrew is more difficult. I used Diglett but he won’t last long. Cycle through all of your Pokémon and alternate between their attacks. Rattat’s tail whip/quick attack is usually the most effective. Use potions if you need to (you probably will).

Level 6: Two Geodudes Guy

Purchase a Rare Candy and some potions for this one. Geodudes are unlocked but not necessary here. You will be facing two Geodudes.

In the battle, immediately use your Rare Candy on Metapod to evolve it into Butterfree. Cycle through its attacks (confusion is particularly handy) until Geodude faints. If Butterfree kicks it, then cycle through your other Pokémon until both Geodudes are down. Use potions if necessary.

Level 7: Brock

Before starting, purchase the Rare Candy. Brock has a Geodude and an Onix. Geodudes can be handy here as well. As a minimum, I would have Pikachu, Geodude and Butterfree in your collection, with multiple Geodudes being handy.

Use Rare Candy on your Butterfree immediately when starting the battle against Geodude. Cycle between your attacks including Harden and Confusion and use a potion if necessary.

Onix is next at level 13 and he is very difficult. Use Butterfree is he is still going, and then cycle through your other Pokémon. Geodude can use defense curl, which helps, as does using potions when you need them.

Level 8: Youngster 2.0

Before starting, discard your Geodudes as they will be useless in the next battle. Purchase Bulbasoar, a rare candy, and any potions you can afford. This one is difficult to guide you through because he can recall Pokemon and use them as he wishes. He has a Pikachu, Bulbasoar, Rattata, Ekans, Butterfree and Pidgey. Geodude will be useful in this level, as will Pikachu.

All I can really say for you to do is to use types to your advantage here. Use Pikachu against Butterfree and Pidgey, use Geodude against Pikachu, and the rest should just fall into place. Cycle through your attacks as usual.

It is imperative that you use the rare candy on Butterfree and don’t let it learn Poison Powder. Potions are going to be essential here, but victory will be yours if you use the right type of Pokémon and heal them when necessary. 

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