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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 – Super Awesomer Shoot-em-up Zombies

So it Begins (be prepared for cow-related puns)

Think of Nazi Zombies, minus the Nazi. After the initially ground-breaking Call of Duty zombie-killing add-on – yes, that was a mouthful for a mere mortal, but not for the living dead – the quality seems to have dried up like an udder that’s seen its fair share of milking.

Fear no more…well actually, be very, very afraid. But you know what I mean. You’ll no longer have to fork out £50 on a cash cow of a game that was slaughtered several instalments ago.

Now you can play - for FREE - SAS: Zombie Assault 3, a game that has done its predecessors proud. If you haven’t played Zombie Assault before, I’ll tell you about it in a second; but if you have played one or more of the series, well, I’ll just have to refresh your memory.

So, is it the T-Virus again, or…?

The premise is simple. You are a lone SAS foot soldier who has been sent on a covert mission. You have gone dark, Jack Bauer style. Something has gone horribly wrong and it’s your job to sort it out. Think Resident Evil, or the lesser browser-based game Zombie Madness.

You are now abandoned in a Farmhouse (the first map). You must fend off hordes of zombies, which come in waves, breaking down wooden barriers and flooding the house. You must keep them under control - fend them off with bullets and repair the barriers  because they come thick and fast and you don’t want to become overrun with zombies. If you allow this to happen, you’ll be eaten alive and will have to start the level again.

However, if you succeed in defeating the numerous waves, you’ll complete the level, earning more money and gaining XP. These will allow you to unlock/purchase a whole host of guns, maps and ranks as you progress through the game. Los mejores sujetadores para pechos caidos

Whatever you do, don’t use a laptop to play SAS Zombie Assault 3 - unless you have a good mouse handy. It can also get a bit laggy at times, which can get frustrating and lead to unwanted deaths; but with a good internet connection, you’ll run effortlessly from room to room, unless (of course) you’re being punched and bitten by flesh-eating zombies.

The AI of the zombies is a bit dodgy though, as they seem to just follow you around like a herd of sheep, rather than cleverly double-backing on you. However, you may be grateful for this fault later on when the Zombie Tsunami becomes absolutely unbearable.

But what new guns can I use? That’s what I really want to know

You will start off with the standard pistol, a Glock, and in time you will unlock more powerful weapons – from SMGs to Shotguns and even the infamous Minigun, the perfect weapon to mow down a swarm of zombies. Unlock the premium weapons, and you’ll be able to purchase a Flamethrower, an RPG and a Ray Gun (cough, cough…I mean a Semi-Automatic Energy Weapon).

Perks, such as radars, can also be unlocked and power-up crates can be picked up mid-game to replenish supplies. All of these will help you to fight a battle that even Arnold Schwarzenegger would find challenging. You will come face-to-face to different zombies, ranging from your run-of-the-mill swarm zombie all the way up to the Devastator – sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Second Third Album Syndrome? I don’t think so

The graphics are much-improved on predecessors, Zombie Assault 2 and the original; the music is also fantastically haunting. You will find yourself looking over your shoulder and the bravest of gamers will even dare to play alone in their room with the lights out.

This is an extremely addictive game that will have you coming back for more, time and time again. It is a top-down perspective game, meaning you won’t get the intimacy of a first-person shooter, but I have no doubt that ZA3 will have you gripped from the off.

Ninja Kiwi have done a great job improving the third part of what is now a quadrilogy. SAS: Zombie Assault 3 will undoubtedly be adored by fans of modern TV shows like The Walking Dead, plus old-school gamers who spent their childhood playing The House of the Dead.

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