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SAS Zombie TD Assault Hacked Game has not yet been hacked, but why not read about it below or play one of our other Games further down?:

SAS Zombie Assault TD – Zombie-killing action in a tower-defense format

A Winner In Title Alone

Ah, give me some towers, a precious location to defend and a zombie-related theme any day of the week and I’ll be a happy man. Actually, I’m convinced that the inclusion of zombies, the undead, post-apocalyptic scenarios, or even a few explosions here and there is enough to draw in a vast majority of the male flash game audience; mention the SAS, and you’ve got a testosterone-fest just waiting to happen (girls are also welcome, it’s just that the figures are going to indicate a distinctly make majority in games with this kind of subject matter). A game that has splintered off from the original SAS zombie Assault series, SAS Zombie Assault TD is an example of a very successful game pushing its limits and boundaries by working around the frameworks of different genres; in this case, it is the lucrative genre of tower defense, and yet again, NinjaKiwi have hit the iron bar right on the head, of a recently-deceased zombie clawing furiously at your neck. The flashy graphics alone are enough to make you do a double take, and the high-quality, high-octane gameplay will make you wonder why you don’t already have this game in your life. 

Modern Tower Defense

While many tower defense games such as Kingdom Rush and Incursion concern themselves with past times by taking you back to the medieval period to fight with swords, primitive explosives, and all sorts of mythical and magical forces such as wizards and shamans, SAS Zombie Assault TD is focused entirely on the destruction of zombies with a distinctly more advanced arsenal consisting of tools of modern warfare and present-day/futuristic weaponry. The aim of the game is as old-fashioned as the genre on which it is based, which is to stop waves of enemies from making their way too far across the screen by placing various towers and turrets and deploying various troops across the level to ensure that the enemy doesn’t make it to the other side in once piece. The fact that the enemies in this case are undead zombies just makes thing all the more cool, and more importantly, all the more gruesome.

An Arsenal of Fun

The main source of fun in the game aside from blowing the living hell out of successive waves of zombies is the weapons and items which you perform all the killing. You get to place machine gun turrets of varying power, a lightning turret that shoots electricity at the enemy, various obstacles and obstructions such as barbed wire, sandbacks, and grenades, and even live troops such as snipers and machine gunners, both of which are apparently fully SAS trained (I wasn’t aware that standard SAS training covered ‘The Walking Dead’-type scenarios, but we’ll let this slide for the purposes of fiction and ridiculously fun flash-based entertainment). There are also a few peripheral items that can be attained such as liquid nitrogen grenades, thermite grenades (mythbusters fans will know the fun that this entails), proximity mines, and even a ‘necro nuke’, that is sure to bring the pain to the oncoming zombies.

 The real fun starts when you kill enough zombies to make enough money to be able to afford upgrades, which can be applied to pretty much every purchasable item. Your Vickers MG turret, for example, can be upgraded to a ‘MK2’ version with better firepower, and also have its sights upgraded to an optical version which extends its range. Even sandbags can be upgraded to contain barbed wire, and even be transformed into a concrete barrier for increased protection.

The Obvious Choice

I find it perplexing that my discovery of this tower-defense-shaped SAS Zombie Assault game was a relatively recent one. Aesthetically, the whole thing is very stylish with well-designed menus that feel modern yet are overrun by the moody music and ominously-dark level designs and generally hopeless feel of the whole thing. Two additional difficulties can be unlocked if you feel that the standard one is too much of a summer’s breeze for you, and the number of upgrades available makes the whole thing as much of a journey of technological discovery as it is a post-apocalyptic adventure of strategy and violence. This game is highly recommended for tower defense fans, and it will make a convert of any sceptics of the genre.


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SAS Zombie TD Assault Hacked Game | PTD Hacked Games

SAS Zombie TD Assault Hacked Game has not yet been hacked, but why not read about it below or play one of our other Games further down?:



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SAS Zombie TD Assault Hacked Game | PTD Hacked Games


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